Be the Boss of Your Own Future

If you’re looking at Hybrid Long Term Insurance reviews are important to compare companies.  A real independent agent will keep your best interest in mind, and show you an unbiased perspective of the entire Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance reviews market. While captive agents, (agents that are paid more to push their sponsoring company) are going to drive you to the company that pays them the most commission. Working with the correct agent can help you become the boss of your own future and help you plan for after retirement.

Don’t Rush To Decide What’s Best For You

Don’t let your agent rush you into making a decision that’s not right for you. Take your time reviewing all of the available information and review the sales process until you feel comfortable knowing what you’re signing on to. You are in charge of choosing the policy that you’re happy with and has the right amount of coverage for you.

What You Need To Know

Hybrid insurance is a combination of life and long-term care insurance. Another explanation of hybrid long term insurance is a traditional policy with a long-term care rider. Hybrid long term care insurance covers the costs of assisted living if you need daily care, whether in a nursing home, assisted living facility, adult day care/community care or in home care. This means that if you have a hybrid long term care policy then become in need of care you have choices in where and how you’d like to be cared for without worrying about depleting your assets. For many people this can be an attractive option. Hybrid long term insurance helps protect people’s retirement nest eggs from being diminished by ailments or long term care needs. Retirement can quickly be depleted once someone can no longer care for themselves financially and this can keep you from being in charge of how you’re taken care of and whether or not you can afford your own care as you age. 

What To Look For In Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance

Financial Strength Rating: Someone searching for hybrid long term insurance should first look at companies with reviews and financial strength ratings. Also look for companies with Good reputations for treating its policyholders fairly. When you have to use your policy and need to collect your claims you want to be working with a company who has good financial strengths. The best providers are very stable with A+ ratings or better from AM Best.

Competitive Pricing: Many companies are competing for your business and because of that your agent can do side by side comparisons of multiple companies and their pricing and products. Insurance companies will charge markedly different prices all for the same benefits. Rates with certain companies might be 50% higher than others. 

Qualifications: Can you qualify for hybrid long term care insurance? To be eligible for a hybrid long term policy you must be between 50-70 years of age and within certain health criteria and able to pay the premium for the policy and or pay a lump sum upfront. 

Underwriting: Underwriting guidelines vary from company to company and one company may decline someone while another may approve them. If you are declined you may also be able to appeal the decision and try again to be approved if you believe something has unfairly been depicted or if your health has changed for the better, since you began the process.

When Does Someone Need To Use Their Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance?

Hybrid long term care insurance reimburses the policyholder a daily amount (typically after 90 days) for services to assist them with activities of daily life such as, bathing, dressing, and eating. There are 6 daily living activities which are considered signs of needing Hybrid long term care and those are the inability to clean oneself or perform grooming activities like shaving and brushing hair or teeth. Being unable to dress oneself, having trouble buttoning or with zippers. Not being able to physically feed oneself. Being unable to move from bed or chair and being unable to walk without assistance. Toileting, which is being unable to get on and off of the toilet without assistance and finally continence which is the loss of control of the bladder and bowel functions.

In Conclusion  

With all of this said the most important thing to remember is to work with an independent agent you can trust and will work hard to make sure you understand the material and process so that you can be the boss of your own decisions. An agent will help you compare different policy options and let you know if you can qualify for certain riders and help answer any questions you have throughout the process. You should also always keep in mind that policies and pricing is often being revised so if you cannot qualify now or cannot afford the policy you want, that doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to. Currently Brighthouse, Minnesota Life (Securian) and Nationwide offer the best options for most people looking for hybrid long term car insurance. 

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Key business lessons for success

Some of the most important business lessons were never taught in school. And they might alter your career. Will you suffer failure before you learn them?

You don’t have to experience the loss of a business or failure in your job to learn some of the very best lessons about running an organization.   Following is my short list (a baker’s dozen) of lessons that every leader should know about successful business practices.  And, just for fun, I’ll include three of my favorite business axioms as well.

1)   Personal integrity – While there are courses in business ethics, they generally deal with larger corporate strategic and tactical issues.  What I’m talking about here are personal ethics, which turns out to be the key thing affecting your business career.  Opportunities will present themselves and people will align with you based on your integrity.  Reflecting on how a decision aligns with your personal integrity should guide every decision and every action in your personal and professional life.

2)   Great ideas are never found in presentations- Truly great ideas can be captured in one or two sentences.  But most employees won’t spend the time to create a presentation about them.  And they shouldn’t have to.  Being available to listen to new ideas without burdening the person who is presenting them assures that the tap of innovation will never run dry.

3)   People are absolutely key– Whether you’re starting your own business, part of a large corporation or somewhere in between, “A” caliber people are worth 10 times that of “B” caliber.  All others will, at best, maintain the status quo.

4)   Cash is king– Managers spend a lot of time (or should) examining budgets, cash flow statements, and the financial details of their organization.  Even if you’re not directly responsible for financials you should understand how money moves through your department.  The one thing every team member should be focused on is that cash flow is completely deterministic for a business. Every team member, every project and every department should be familiar with this.  Regardless of size, each member of your team should be able to identify how their work financially impacts the organization.

5)   If cash is king, culture is queen and holds the underpinnings of any business. Work on this diligently.

6)   Your idea is not your IP.  Your execution is the real IP.

7)   Technology is changing exponentially – This certainly wasn’t taught when I was in school and it isn’t taught in many places now.  But it’s a key tenet of businesses today and it fundamentally affects every single business that has any hope of surviving, let alone thriving.

8)   Constant ideation and implementation is critical for businesses to succeed. Work this into your functional plans.

9)   You can’t get there when you’re not sure where you want to be. Always be planning.

10) Have a back-up plan- Know how you’ll respond and recover when new information alters your path forward.

11) Networking is essential.  Think of it as a survival skill. Go alone if you prefer to go fast. But if you want to get far, find friends who will hold your hand along.

12) Always keep the buyer in mind. How many companies would still be around if they’d done this?

13) Cleaning up a failing department/organization/project requires you to get your hands dirty. Good leaders always will.

 And my three favorite axioms that drive excellence:

 a)   Pay it forward with people, always.

b)   Break rules and encourage them.c)    Never hire a satisfied sales guy, an arrogant engineer or a know-it-all manager.