Why Others Want to Run for Congress

To Obtain Prominence

For sure, anyone would love to be recognized and honored in one way or the other. Needless to emphasize, fame and glory are seen as reasons why an individual wants to run for congress. Apparently, those in government are highly regarded as supreme, without a doubt, which is why a government position is highly sought by anyone.

To Benefit from Financial Supports during Election

To some, winning an electoral campaign would not matter as running for a government position already induces so many benefits including financial gains. Generally, political aspirants do not run for government positions on their own i.e., without support. Needless to emphasize, political aspirants and their respective candidacies and campaign are financed by businessmen, peers and supporters and this would spell resources in the end. A candidate would take pleasure in enormous campaign, without a doubt, as there would be excess subsidies by the end of the day, and all of these would go into the pocket of the political candidate without notice. Apparently, this is a fine reason why an individual wants to run for congress.

To Address Curiosity

Have you ever wondered how is it like to be in government and handle a position in the congress? This question probably runs wild in the minds of the political aspirants that eventually push them to seek for a place in the congress or government. Men are naturally inquisitive that we want to try almost everything, and running for a position in the congress is worth a try as long as one is financially and emotionally capable of handling the same.

To Attain Security

It is almost automatic that an individual and his family’s security is assured when one obtains a position in the congress or government. It is a given fact that a government official would enjoy the benefits of security (financially and physically) considering that he is surrounded with his own law and can manipulate his own law at the same time. Not only that, most government officials and their respective families are vested by the state itself with protection taking into account the risks their jobs would entail, that the government would supplement security, defense and the like.

Practically, there are countless reasons why individuals would run for a position in the government or congress. Actually, those reasons may not be the same and may vary among different individuals. Nonetheless, the above are basic motives or grounds why individuals would take their journey and chances in the government or congress. The objectives of some political aspirants may not be too appealing apparently, but rather too selfish to some extent, and that’s how it goes whether we like or not.